Nupore Selection Chart For Blotting Membranes


This selection chart highlights the suitability of various Nupore blotting membranes for different applications based on their properties.

Membrane Type SCN
Pure Cellulose
Pure Nylon-66
 Nucleic Acids R HR
  Proteins R R

  Transfer Method

  Dot Blot R R
  Colony or Plaque Lift HR R
  Electrotransfer R* HR
  Capillary Blot R R
  Vaccum Blot R R
  Alkaline Transfer NR R

  Molecule Fixation

   Baking R R
  Drying R R
  UV Crosslinking P HR
  Alkali Fixation NR R
  Molecule Removal NR NR

  Detection Method

  Colorimetric HR R
  Radiolabelled R R
  Luminescent R P
  Fluorescent R P
  Staining R P


  Once NR R
  Multiple NR R


HR = Highly Recommended
R = Recommended
R* = Recommended for Proteins only
P = Possible
NR = Not Recommended