Nupore Edge Hydrophobic Membrane Disc Filter - Type EHCN


EHCN Membrane are used for sterility testing of antibiotics & drugs containing bacteriostats .6 mm rim is hydrophobic & rest of the membrane is hydrophilic. The Hydrophobic edge does not allow drug to seep under the rim of the filter holder. This ensures complete removal of the drug during flushing so that growth of any micro-organisms which have been retained on the membrane is not inhibited due to the residual drug, improving the sensitivity and reliability of the test.

EHCN filter are available in 0.45 m pore size and 47 mm diameter.

Specifications :

 Pore Size 0.45µm
 Diameter 47mm
 Water Flow Rate
 (ml/min/cm²) at
  ΔP = 10psi, 20°C
20 ml/min. /cm²


Sterilisation: Autoclavable at 121°C

Maximum Operating Temperature : 80°C continuous

Maximum Operating Pressure : 3 Kg/cm²

Biosafety : Passes the Biological tests for Class VI plastics as described in USP.

Oxidizable Matter : Passes as per USP.

Integrity Test Data :

Pore Size Wetting Fluid Bubble Point
0.45µm Water 33psi 2.32 g/cm²


Ordering Information :

Pore Size (µm) 0.45 0.45
Diameter (mm) 47 47
Pack Size (No.) 100 100