Nupore Membrane Prefilters

Borosilicate micro glass fiber filter is the general purpose filter widely used as pre-filter for membrane and to clarify viscous solution. These microfiber filters are chemically inert, high density holding filters.

Features and Benefits

  •   ●  High flow rates
  •   ●  High dirt holding capacity
  •   ●  Wide chemical compatibility
  •   ●  Biologically inert

Applications :

Nupore micro glass fiber disc filters are ideal pre-filters for membrane disc filters. They are used for prefiltration of a wide variety of solvents & solutions to remove colloidal particles so that membrane disc filters are protected, resulting in higher throughput at lower cost.

Ordering Information :

Type Pore Size Size Pack Size

1.5µm 13 mm 100
25 mm 100
47 mm 100
2.0µm 127 mm 50
142 mm 50
279 mm 50
293 mm 50
  Other sizes are available on request.