Laminates for Lateral Flow Tests


A lateral flow test requires the NC membrane and other materials to be attached to a plastic backing. Nupore laminates or cards are such ready-to-use subassemblies of membrane, adhesive, and plastic. They are convenient to handle for application of reagents and later cutting them into dipsticks to make the complete test. 

Laminate Types

  • Laminate Type L-P25
  • Laminate Type L-H50
  • Laminate Type LFCN*-L2-P25
  • Laminate Type LFCN*-L2-H50
  • Laminate Type LFCN*-L3-P25
  • Laminate Type LFCN*-L3-H50







Laminate Constitution

The wicking rate is an important characteristic of NC membrane for lateral flow tests and primarily determines the reaction kinetics. Nupore membranes are designated by pore size/wicking rate and have reproducible and defined wicking rates. The wicking rate of blocked membranes will, however, depend on the blocking protocol.

P25 PVC plastic backing of 250 thickness
H20 HIPS plastic backing of 500µ thickness
L Laminate with adhesive placed for sample pad, NC membrane, and absorbent pads.
L2 Laminate with NC membrane mounted on it and adhesive placed for sample pad and
absorbent pads.
L3 Laminate with NC membrane and absorbent pad mounted on it and adhesive placed for sample pad