Nupore Chemical Compatibility


Table below shows the chemical compatibility of various laboratory filtration products with some commonly used solvents. All products were exposed to specified chemicals for 72 hours at 25°C.

Reagents Membranes
  Acetone   N  G
  Acetonitrile   N  G
  Benzone   G  G
  Benzyle Alcohol   N  G
  Benzyle Alcohol 4%   F  G
  Diethyl Ether   N  G
  Dimethyl Formamide   N  G
  Ehyl Acetate   N  G
  Ethylene Glycol   N  G
  Hexane   G  G
  Iso Propyl Alcohol   G  G
  Methanol   N  G
  Methylene Chloride   G  G
  n-Butanol   G  G
  Peanut Oil   G  G
  Tetrahydrafuran/Water (50:50)   N  G
  Toluene   F  G
  Trichloroethylene   G  G
  Hydrochloric Acid 37%   N  N
  Hydrochloric Acid 10%   G  G
  Nitric Acid 67%   N  N
  Nitric Acid 7%   G  G
  Sulphuric Acid 10%   G  G
  Ammonium Hydroxide 25%   N  G
  Sodium Hydroxide 32%   N  G
  Potassium Hydroxide 32%   N  N

G = Good, N = Not Recommended, F = Fair