Nupore Filter Funnels


Easy to use Disposable Filter Funnels with Versatility to meet your Micrrobial Analysis needs.

Features & Benefits

    ●  Easy to use
    ●  Increase the productivity & efficiency of laboratories.
    ●  Individually packed & pre-sterilised disposable filter unit prevents cross contamination of
    ●  Accurate sample measurement

    ●  Quality control in pharmaceutical product
    ●  Convenient for last minute sample at the end of the day
    ●  Test for a variety of bacterial contaminanls
    ●  Identify yeasts, molds & other organisms
    ●  Monitor hot loop water samples
    ●  Economical alternative to closed-system sterility testing.


Two Types Of Funnel Available :


    M-funnel has convenient design with attachable 100ml funnel & plugable botto for ease of
     sample collection & transfer laboratory
    Membrane - Grided Cellulose Nitrate(GCN) - 47mm Diameter
    Individually Packed & Sterile

E- Funnel

    It Houses - 0.45µm, 47mm Diameter EHCN Membrane - to improve sensitivity & reliability by
   ensuring complete flushing of drug sample, which is critical during bio burden testing of
   Antibiotics & drugs containing bacteriostats.


Ordering Information :

Pore Size (µm) 0.22, 0.45 0.22, 0.45
Diameter (mm) 47 47