• Non Fiber Releasing :Passes test as per USP and comply with USFDA 21 CFR part 210.3 (b)(6)
  • Cleaning and Sterilisation : NUPORE PP cartridges can be repeatedly steam sterilised in situ or autoclaved for 30 cycles at up to 121 °C (250 °F). They can be sanitised with hot water at up to 90 °C (194 °F) and are compatible with a wide range of chemicals. For detailed operational procedures and advice on cleaning and sterilisation, please contact the Technical Support.
  • Biological Safety Materials : conform to the relevant requirements of 21CFR Part 177 and current USP Plastics Class VI - 121 °C and ISO10993 equivalents.
  • Non-Volatile Extractables (NVE) : Total NVEs extracted in the first 5 litre flush of purified water for a 10˝ cartridge are <6 mg.
  • Oxidisable Substances : NUPORE PP filter cartridges meet current USP quality standards for sterile purified water for oxidisable substances following a <1 litre water flush.

Polypropylene Membrane Cartridge Filters

NUPORE Polypropylene cartridge filters are designed for a wide range of pre-filtration applications within the production of pharmaceuticals and are particularly suited to applications where chemical compatibility is an issue.

The optimum pleat configuration and graded density polypropylene media used in NUPORE PP cartridge filters ensure the filters have the highest possible throughput to blockage resulting in long service life.

The NUPORE PP range of cartridge filters is fully supported by a comprehensive validation guide to simplify its specification into new and existing processes.


Materials of Construction : 

Specifications Product
Filtration Membrane Polypropylene
Upstream Support
Downstream Support
Inner Support Core
Outer Protection Cage
End Caps
Standard o-ring/gaskets Silicone

Recommended Operating Conditions :  Up to 80 °C (176 °F) continuous operating temperature and higher short-term temperatures during CIP to the following limit:

Temprature Maximum Forword DP
°C °F (bar) (psi)
20.0 68.0 5.0 72.2
40.0 104.0 4.0 58.0
60.0 140.0 3.0 43.5
80.0 176.0 2.0 29.0

Effective Filtration Area (EFA) :
10˝ (250 mm) up to 0.57 m2 (6.1 ft2)
05" Size up to 0.28 m2 (3.0 ft2)

Maximum Differential Pressure : 50 psi (3.5Kg/cm @ 25°C

TOC / Conductivity : The filtrate quality from a 10˝ NUPORE PP conforms to the requirements of current USP <643> (TOC) and USP <645> (conductivity) within the first 200 ml flush of purified water. 

Endotoxins : Aqueous extracts from the 10˝ NUPORE PP contain < 0.25 EU / ml when tested in accordance with the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate test.

Ordering Information :

Type Size Pore Size Adapter Rings
Membrane Code Length Code Pore Size Code Adapter Code Ring Code
Polypropylene CFPP 5" 05 0.2µm 02 7P U Silicone SS
10" 10 0.5µm 05 BEO V Viton SV
20" 20 1.0µm 10 28 W EPDM SE
30" 30 1.2µm 12 'O' X Synthetic Rubber SR
2.0µm 20 4463 Y Encapsulated Teflon FV
2.5µm 25 4463B Z
5.0µm 50
10.0µm 100
20.0µm 200
30.0µm 300
40.0µm 400