Nupore Syringe Filters


Nupore syringe filters offer a fast & efficient means of clarifying & preparing every type of small to mid volume samples prior to instrument analysis. These syringe filters are validated for retention efficiency, protein binding, chemical compatibility & extractables.


Solvent Resistant Housing
Wide Chemical Compatibility
Choise Of Membrane Compactibility with aqueous solution, organic solution or both.
Faster Flow Rates
Low Hold-Up Volume
Multilayered Prefilter provides two to four times higher throughput.

Types Available

Nylon-66 Membrane Syringe Filters

      ●  Incorporates Hydrophillic Nylon-66 Membrane
      ●  Wide range of chemical compatibility
      ●  Also available GNSY - ideal for filtering turbid solutions

Polyethersulfone Membrane Syringe Filters(PESY)

      ●  Incorporates Hydrophillic PES Membrane
      ●  Ideal for filtering potein solutions
      ●  Low protein binding & very high product recovery

PVDF Membrane Syringe Filters(PVSY)

      ●  Incorporates Hydrophillic PES Membrane
      ●  High flow rate & wide chemical compatibility

PTFE Membrane Syringe Filters(TFSY)

      ●  Incorporates Hydrophillic PTFE Membrane

Sterilisation: Autoclavable at 121oC for 30 minutes
Maximum Operating Temperature: 90°C continuous
Maximum Operating Pressure: 7 Kg/cm2
Extractables With Water: Within limits specified in USP.

All the offered products are also available as Pre-sterilized Individually packed. (Prefix with S in Product Code)

Specifications :

Pore Size (µm) 0.2 0.45
Diameter (mm) 13 25
Effective Filteration Area (cm²) 0.8 4 - 15
Hold - Up Volume (µl) <20 <50


Integrity Test Data :

Type Pore Size Bubble Point
Wetting fluid Water
0.2µm 52 psi (3.65 kg/cm²)
0.45µm 33 psi (2.32 kg/cm²)
0.8µm 14 psi (0.98 kg/cm²)
Wetting fluid Water
0.2µm 52 psi (3.65 kg/cm²)
0.45µm 33 psi (2.32 kg/cm²)
Wetting fluid Water
0.2µm 50 psi (3.51 kg/cm²)
0.45µm 19 psi (1.33 kg/cm²)



Ordering Information :

Type Pore Size End Connections Pack Size
XXSY5 0.22µm Inlet Outlet 100 Nos.
GXXSY13 0.45µm

  Female       Male

    luer          luer

    Lock         Lock

SXXSY25 0.8µm